Playboy is a well known brand from the United States that exudes sexiness and ensures a high level of quality. They have now set their seal even on condoms that are now available to purchase in your favorite condom store!

Playboy condoms come in stylish packaging with the classic bunny logo. They are very nice to have laying around.

Lubricated is what one might call a "regular" condom, treated with quality lube. Perfect for those who need a little more glide but do not want to buy a whole tube for the purpose.

Ultra Thin is exactly as the name suggests Playboys thin condom. There are many out there who prefer thin condoms and that is of course for the simple reason that they provide a more natural feel than normal thick condoms.

Strawberry is a condom that's not only lubricated to provide good glide, but also to spread a good aroma and give a fresh taste of strawberry. A condom flavor that is very popular during oral sex!

All Playboy condoms are treated with a silicone based lubricant.


Playboy Lubricated

Lubricated condom