This page will help you get answers on frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you don't find the answer to your question here.


Why haven't I received any order confirmation?

1. Incorrect email address. The most common problem.

2. Too much load on our mail server creates a queue that may cause a delay. However, this is very unusual.

3. You paid with your VISA/MasterCard but shut down the browser before the order was completed. If this happens you will get an order deleted notification within a few days.

Some items in my order were missing?!

Your missing items has been placed on backorder. If you do not have a marker for this in your delivery note, please contact us immediately. We seldom put items on backorder since we have the ambition to always stock our entire product range.

I have several different discount codes. Can I combine them?

No, you can only use one discount code per order. However, you can place several orders one after another, thus using multiple codes. Yes, your order will be sent without charge (free shipping).

I chose the wrong payment method. How do I change payment methods?

It is not possible to change payment method after an order has been placed.

After payment, will it be possible to see that I purshased on the Condom King in the payment statement?



I'm in a rush, how fast do you deliver?

If you place an order before 1600 hours (GMT +1) we will ship the order the same day. Delivery time is usually two days dependin on which country you live in.

What does "discreet" mean?

Our service is discrete, which means that the package does not have a company logo or text that reveals the contents. No condom related text will be on your credit card statement either.


Can I subscribe to condoms with you?

No. We used to have this service but removed it.

We want to market our company by advertising on condoms. Can you help us with this?

Yes. See www.customcondoms.eu for more information.

Do you have any condoms with spermicide?

No, they no longer exist.

Why don't you sell sex toys / dildos?

We have chosen to niche ourselves against condoms (and lubricant) in order to stay in the health category rather than erotic / porn. Rest assure that it will not be any sex toys on condomking.eu in the future either.