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Thin Pasante Unique (3)

Is the new Durex Avanti Ultima too small? RFSU Naked too expensive? Then there is only one more condom to try out (for you whom are allergic to latex), the unique Unique from Pasante. A plastic condom which is pulled, instead of rolled, on.

Latex free condom for the wallet

Every package contains three latex free condoms and they are rolled in a hard plastic credit card sized casing. Fits perfectly in the wallet.

Important information
Pasante Unique is not like other condoms. It is a little bit wider so it will propably give you a more loose fitthan you are used to, which can give a plastic wrap feeling. Further on it is pulled on, which can feel somewhat different in the beginning. We recommend that you buy one package for trial before you buy more.

Pasante Unique can be used with both water based and oil based lubricants. We recommend that you use Pasante´s lubricants with this condom.

Pasante Unique

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Pasante Unique (3)

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