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Ligga? Theme Condom Package 1p

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Sometimes it's nice with straight answers and that's exactly what you will get with this condom!

Fun to share

The condom is very suitable for sharing at the party or the bar and is guaranteed to ease the atmosphere. The answer options "yes" or "no" are ticked in and on the backside, there is a box for the phone number.

Order one and give to your girlfriend or try a larger number and get save a lot of money. did you know that you can also design your very own condom?

It's actually a KUNG Original that is in a designed envelope, you don't actually write on the condom's foil.

"Ligga" is a Swedish word for lay, as in lay down. In this context, it asks "do you want to have sex?"

"Ja" Means Yes
"Nej" Means No

Size: 190 x 0.06 x 54 mm
Aroma -
Brand KUNG
Certification CE
Circumference 108
Color Neutral
Fit Flared
Foil Squared
Length -
Lubricant Ja
Lubricant type Silicone based
Size Normal
Sperm container Ja
Taste -
Thickness -
Width at the root 54
Width below the glans 54
Width over the glans -
Dimensions are stated in mm