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RFSU Juicy Grape 1 Pcs

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How you have longed to bring in some juicy grapefruit room in the bedroom! If not, browse further and look for another condom favourite.

But odd aromas on condoms are quite fun. Most are so used to the fact that strawberries are the only and best option. Just because you simply haven't taken the chance to test something else.

The condom itself is actually the old reputable Profile from RFSU. The only difference is just the aroma. And the price.

Size: 185 x 0.06 x 53 mm
Aroma -
Brand RFSU
Certification -
Circumference -
Color -
Fit -
Foil -
Length -
Lubricant -
Lubricant type -
Size -
Sperm container Ja
Taste -
Thickness -
Width at the root -
Width below the glans -
Width over the glans -
Dimensions are stated in mm