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RFSU Power 10-pack

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RFSU Power provides your penis with extra power! This condom can enhance your erection and give higher pleasure and more intense orgasms.

The secret behind Power's unique characteristics is a lubricant that is mixed with the amino acid L-arginine. This lubricant is on the inside of the condom and may therefore give extra push in life together.

RFSU Power has been consumer tested with very good results. As many as 45% think that this condom is better than the condom they normally use, and about half experience increased sexual pleasure.

The condom foil follows the same standards as other condoms from RFSU. That is, it has the rectangular shape. We think that this is the best looking of them all with it's black base and red glowing "Power - Maximize your sex"-text.

Size: 190 (excl. reservoir) x 53 x 0.7 mm (normal size).