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Aoni Ultrathin 001 XL 12-pack

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Aoni Ultrathin 001 XL 12-pack is no longer available. All our condoms are regular items unless otherwise stated. It will come into stock again. Use the above function and you will be notified. See also similar items below. Please feel free to send support@condomking.eu and email if you have questions or concerns.
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Aoni Ultrathin 001 XL is a condom that competes in the thin segment. But it has another feature as well. The lubricant that Aoni is treated with is mixed with collagen. Collagen is often used in beauty products for its positive effect on the skin.
How thin is this thin condom you are wondering now? Spontaneously, one thinks that 001 would mean that it is 0.01 mm (to compare the standard thickness 0.06 mm) and that is almost right. Rounded, it is 0.01 inches thick. The thickness in mm is 0.034 mm, which is then almost half the thickness compared to "ordinary" condoms.
This condom is 56 mm at its base which makes it an XL condom. One of very few thin XL condoms should be added.