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The package contains five different types of condoms with a slightly different design. A total of 34 condoms are included.

Five varieties - 34 condoms
The five included varieties are:

King Size, this is a Danish condom from Worlds Best that measures 56 mm in width. Circumference = 11.2 cm.
KUNG Loose, this is a really big condom with a nominal width of 60 mm. Circumference = 12.0 cm.
MySize (2 different) is a size-oriented condom. This package includes a 3-pack of 60- and 64-millimeter variants. Circumference = 12.0 and 12.8 cm respectively.
Pasante Large, condom from British Pasante. Straight condom that is 55 mm wide, which means that the condom may be called Extra Large. Circumference = 11.0 cm. We ship with 12 condoms of this.

Good luck, and do not forget to buy a lubricant for increased safety!
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