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KUNG Tight 6-pack

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KUNG Tight 6-pack is no longer available. All our condoms are regular items unless otherwise stated. It will come into stock again. Use the above function and you will be notified. See also similar items below. Please feel free to send support@condomking.eu and email if you have questions or concerns.
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1 pcs 3.95 €/pcs
Whether you have a big or small penis, KUNG Tight can be for you. There are many who like when the condom is sitting really well. If you have a normal penis, Tight will remain for a while even after you are done. In other words, there is no need to panic to hold the root when pulling out.

The difference between this condom and the KUNG Original is big. If you're sitting tight, Tight will sit right, just that, really tight.

KUNG Tight is 45 mm wide, which corresponds to a 9 cm perimeter. It is normal yoke with a straight fit and has a length of 16 cm. The slip on the condom is silicone based.

Size: 160 x 0.06 x 45 mm