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Pasante Intensity/Ribs & Dots 1 Pcs

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An advantage of the names of Pasantes products is that it is very descriptive. Ribs & Dots is no exception, which means that the condom is both ribbed and dotted.

Combo condom and anatomical fit

We call condoms that have both ribs and dots for combo condom. Most such condoms have a straight fit. This condom is, however, slightly waisted between the dotted and the ribbed part which some prefer.

The ribs located on the upper part (glans) and the dots are placed along the straight portion of the condom.

Ribs & Dots is 190 mm long, 0.06 mm thick and 54 mm wide (slightly wider than most other condoms but still within normal range). The condom is prepared with silicone lubricant.
Aroma -
Brand Pasante
Certification British Kite Mark, CE, ISO 4074
Circumference 108
Color Neutral
Fit Anatomical
Foil Squared
Length -
Lubricant Ja
Lubricant type Silicone based
Size Normal
Sperm container Ja
Taste -
Thickness -
Width at the root 54
Width below the glans -
Width over the glans -
Dimensions are stated in mm
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