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Pjur Analyse Me! Glide 100 Ml

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Pjur Analyze Me! is an anal lubricant that makes sensitive areas less sensitive with the help of jojoba extract. The product is used to make anal penetration easier, regardless of sexual preference.

Anal sex can in many cases be tricky because it can be difficult to relax. This slider helps with this. In addition to the self-sliding ability, the ingredients help with relaxation and make sensitive areas less sensitive.

Before Using Pjur Analyze Me! anal lubricant on intimate areas, you should try to apply a few drops on the inside of your forearm (which is a sensitive area). If your skin gets irritated, you are sensitive to this type of product, and you should not use them.

Pjur Analyze Me! is 100% condom compatible and of silicone.

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