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Pjur Superhero Strong Spray 20 Ml

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Pjur Superhero is an anaesthetic spray for you who come too fast. If you experience this as a problem, use this spray and spray on the penis head before you have sex. It numbs quickly and efficiently, which allows you to hopefully enjoy a little longer in the future.

Without benzocaine

If you have used other products with the anaesthetic effect such as Casanova Delay Spray or Stay Hard Delay Spray, and have problems with these (rash etc), try this out. Pjur Superhero does not contain benzocaine (or benzocaine) or lidocaine (one. Lidocaine) that other numbing products are likely to do.

Do not use Pjur Superhero if you are allergic to alcoholic sprays.

Use by spraying 2-4 times on the penis (including the head). The agent is rapidly absorbed and the female is not affected.

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