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RFSU Pregnancy Test 8-pack

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With a simple grave test, you will find out if your life will change in nine months. The test is a so-called home test and is so convenient that you probably do not even have to peer in the user manual.
99.9% security

No test gives you a 100% result. But with 99% accuracy, you can be on the safe side that the test gives a very reliable result. For those who want to be even safer or just double-cooled, we offer RFSU's grave test in two-pack and briefcase at discounted prices. With two tests, the risk of error is only 0.1 promille (99.9% accuracy). This provided that it has been a maximum of 1 day since last people. Is it 6-7 days before while the result is 90% reliable with a test and with two tests the risk is that your pregnancy is not detected 1%.

Once your egg is fertilized, hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin), which is a hormone, is excreted in the urine. This hormone increases during the first part of pregnancy. It is hCG that a pregnancy test measures and thus determines if you are pregnant. Morning Clock works best.

This is a test early test. Test early measures 25 mlU compared to the second RFSU test measuring 50 mlU.
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