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Happy Condoms Unicorn Edition 5-pack

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Check out what cute. Unicorns adorn this set with condoms in the Happy Condoms series. The condoms are delivered mixed in a bag of 5 condoms. The motifs may vary, but there are always 5 different motifs in each bag.
Do you love Unicorns, or just want it to look a little nicer in the condom box, then this is a super!
Of course, Happy Condoms is CE-marked and just as safe as other condoms.
Size 190 x 56 x 0.07 mm
Condoms with own design
Do you know someone who is going to marry, have a fun party or otherwise appreciate personalized condoms in this style? Or is it perhaps that you are stuck for a specific Unicorn design and want only several copies of this? Get in touch with our customer service with the desired volume and we will help you.