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Girl Power

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Girl Power - For All Women.

Thanks to our customers. We got a tip about this. We were questioning at first. But check out the outcome ...

No need to come up with excuses to avoid using condoms! "Mine is too big - condoms don't fit." One of the many explanations when you meet a new partner who doesn't want to use a condom. But now you can pick up your Girl Power box and offer KUNG Loose condoms. If your partner takes this to their necks and leaves home, the package includes a mini-vibrator that can help you handle the work yourself.

The man comes too fast. This is really a common 'problem'. And specifically for the woman. But you avoid it when you choose a Delay condom. There are five in the box.

Chapped lips? Maybe the desire to kiss is low. Don't worry, you get a Maybell lip balm on the package.

At night, the whole bedroom smells like rubber? Yeah, that danger is always there. The package also includes SOFT Tutti Frutti condoms. Women 's favorite, according to a study we made many years ago.

Affordable? Oh, yes ... just Durex Play O (clitoral sensitizing lubricant normally costs over € 25). With this package you will save about EUR 30.

What about a facial mask? What is its idea? It's included to try out a popular product.

Anything else? Girl Power includes 13 different products.

1 x Blackhead Peel-off Face Mask 5-pack
1 x Durex Intense Gel 10 ml
1 x Fair Squared Lip balm Pomegranate 4 gram
1 x Joydivision Maximus Mix (3)
1 x Joydivision Soft Tampons 3-pack, Normal
5 x KUNG Loose 1 pcs
1 x Pasante Heart 1 pcs
1 x Pjur Back Door Comfort 2 ml
1 x Pjur Light 30 ml
2 x Pjur MED Sensitive 2 ml
1 x Power Bee Finger Vibrator, pink
5 x SOFT Tutti Frutti 1 pcs
5 x VITALIS Delay & Cooling 1 pcs
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