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Amor Taste Mix

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Amor Taste Mix is no longer available. All our condoms are regular items unless otherwise stated. It will come into stock again. Use the above function and you will be notified. See also similar items below. Please feel free to send support@condomking.eu and email if you have questions or concerns.
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1 pcs 16.90 €/pcs
A truly unique mix with 11 different items. We call it Amor Taste.

The mix contains 9 kinds of Amor flavored condoms and three different lubricants with taste.
In total, you get 3 lubricants and 27 condoms.
We recommend this to you who are curious about different flavors (because they are really different) and at the same time may wonder what the score with flavored lube is.
We sell condoms in a way, so you can mix as you like. However, you have enough choices to do here in life - this way you have everything mixed and ready.

Individual condoms may be replaced. Missing, for example, Amor Chocolate, we replace it with another chocolate condom.

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3 x Amor Banana 1 pc
3 x Amor Cherry 1 pc
3 x Amor Chocolate 1 pc
3 x Amor Cola 1 pc
3 x Amor Lemon 1 pc
1 x Amor Orange 1 pc
3 x Amor Spearmint 1 pc
3 x Amor Strawberry 1 pc
3 x Amor Tutti Frutti 1 pc
1 x Pasante Light Lube 5 ml
1 x Pjur Original 1.5 ml
1 x RFSU Klick Ultra Glide 7.5 ml