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RFSU Intimate Care Kit

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- Daily Wash is a double-acting intimate wash that both preserves an optimal intimate flora and prevents annoying odors. In this way, you avoid problems with foul-smelling genitals and a long-lasting Odor Block effect is achieved.
- Easy Shave Gel is a softening and transparent shaving gel with a sliding effect for shaving intimate areas. The shaving gel is especially adapted for intimate shaving, but works just as well for legs and under arms.
- Cooling Balm is a mild after shave gel that counteracts red spots and restores the skin after intimate shaving. The gel is applied to the skin immediately after shaving.
- Ingrown Hair Cream is a gentle cream that counteracts ingrown hairs. The cream is used regularly after and between hair removals to counteract ingrown hairs on the bikini line, legs and in the armpits.
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