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Royal Mix Package

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This package is for those who want to buy 30 really good condoms really cheap and also get one free brief and five free lubricants. Yes, sure, that's a package for everyone!

Both the condom and the briefs are KUNG. KUNG does not exist (yet?) In gliding version, so you'll be happy with the RFSU Ultra Glide 7.5 ml in a batch of packaging.

The briefs comes in size medium.


5 x RFSU Ultra Glide 7.5 ml
30 x KUNG Original
1 x KUNG lime in gift box, blue, medium
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Brand -
Certification -
Circumference -
Color -
Fit -
Foil -
Length -
Lubricant -
Lubricant type -
Size -
Sperm container -
Taste -
Thickness -
Width at the root -
Width below the glans -
Width over the glans -
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