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Thick condoms tolerate more friction! Completely natural. Therefore, we have made a special package for when it may be necessary. In addition to 30 strong condoms (of which at least one third is manufactured under fairer working conditions), there are some other things that we think you will benefit and enjoy.

In addition to condoms, you also get ...
Through evolution, you may get a natural moisturizing function there in the future, but we are not there yet. Therefore, one of the most popular anal-fitting glides in this backpack is included. Because many want to vary with a yummy flavored lubricant we add some such variants as well. These taste so good that oral sex will be both nice and good at the same time.

Then we know that there are some out there that are ready before the egg clock rings. Sure, thick condoms often have an anesthetic effect in themselves. But with a spray you are guaranteed to be rested for endurance. We ship with a slightly different variant where the medium is applied from a discreet pen. Innovative and fun!

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