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Free Mix With 10 Condoms And Lubricant

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Fun that you found your way here! Press "buy" to add a free condom mix of 10 condoms to your shopping cart. You'll also get some new and exciting lubricants :) It will not be cheaper than free!

The condoms are mixed in 5-10 varieties with different characteristics. They are flavored, ribbed, bumpy, thicker, etc.

But wait a minute ...

Why do we give away condoms for free? It is, not quite untouched, a common question. We are, like RFSU or a food retail chain, a Swedish private company (Bonnevier Healthcare AB). One such must have revenue in order to exist. For example, I, who write this, want a salary so I can give my two children (?) food and shelter. However, different products yield different revenue. We sincerely want customers to dare to try other brands than those you are used to. The will likely leed to that you will find a new favorite that makes you use a condom more often. And at best, for our part, this condom is cheaper for us to buy than your previous favorite. If not, at least you are a little happier, which is also good.

Do you only get "cheap" condoms?

No, some may be more expensive. You never know which condoms are included in our free package. But if you find a new favorite that then turns out to be "cheap" it's not the whole world. You eat IKEA's meatballs (assuming you're not vegeterian), right? They cost less than branded meatballs even though it is the same product. Sometimes they may contain horse meat, but it's good as a thousand. The point is that you can be sure that the brands we sell are CE marked and have been used for many years.

And the fine print?

You have to buy something else to check out (otherwise those who do not actually want to use a condom would also order). We will surely still make a small loss on this order. But we'll take it back then when you've found a new exciting favorite that makes you and us happier.

So far we've got a great response! Many people are pleasantly surprised at how much condoms they get when they buy from us.

Much pleasure :)

Was the condoms not so funny?

Try again! We are changing the content a bit from time to time.

NOTE! You can only "buy" a free pack. It will not work to add more than one (1) to the cart.
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