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Super Size Me

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Do you know how important it is that the condom is the right size? Or at least quite right? No, not many know it. But we've been nagging about it for over 10 years now so there are at least more now than 2004 when we started.

We have developed a Super Size Me ™ package for you to try and get the right condom cheaply and safely. And maybe some fun too ?!
Super Size Me ™ contains 8 different condoms of different sizes (45-69 mm).

Since this is not an exact science, we expect that you can use at least 5 or 6 of the condoms. Is 69mm best for you so do not learn 45 work and vice versa. But otherwise it will go well during the test phase.

After you test you will come back to us and buy more of the condom that you think is best suited.
And don't forget about extra lubricants?

NOTE! Normally, the condoms on the picture are included. However, in the case of final sales or delivery problems, we may replace any condom with the corresponding.
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Brand -
Certification -
Circumference -
Color -
Fit -
Foil -
Length -
Lubricant -
Lubricant type -
Size -
Sperm container -
Taste -
Thickness -
Width at the root -
Width below the glans -
Width over the glans -
Dimensions are stated in mm
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