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Away Game Package

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Are we the first in the world to create a missing match kit? Yes, it seems so!

Many people know the walk of shame. It is when you have a one night stand and are coming home, either the same evening or early morning thereafter. The general perception, and the name, imply that one does not feel so good at that time. The reason may not be the activities that you probably devoted to, but you do not usually go among people with horrible breath and a greasy face.

There is now a missing match kit to help you handle this in a better way. It's the first version and tips are welcome to future versions.

This kit contains condoms (of course), a Colgate toothbrush and a 10-pack wipes (color variations may occur). We also have a penis ring that can vibrate!

NOTE! We have just sent information to very many about this kit so we reserve the right not to be so super fast with the delivery as we usually are. Expect five working days.

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Brand -
Certification -
Circumference -
Color -
Fit -
Foil -
Length -
Lubricant -
Lubricant type -
Size -
Sperm container -
Taste -
Thickness -
Width at the root -
Width below the glans -
Width over the glans -
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